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Embedded IR multi aperture imaging for surveillance applications

  • General

This is the title of the invited talk that will present the developments in SEERS in the next edition of the OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Conference.

Integration Workshop

  • QUEST, The Netherlands,
  • General

MIKROSENS travelled to QUEST for a joint workshop on different aspects of the SEERS prototype.

Integration Workshop

  • AIMEN,
  • General

A full week workshop gathering QUEST, MIKROSENS, UGLA and AIMEN took place at AIMEN facilities. A first working prototype of SEERS system was integrated. Initial calibrations and tests were conducted during the workshop, achieving superresolution capability in the MWIR range.

Integration Workshop at QUEST

  • QUEST, The Netherlands,
  • General

A full week integration workshop with MIKROSENS and AIMEN at QUEST has been conducted to push forward the integration of the first SEERS system prototype.

Multispectral imaging at longwave-infrared wavelengths by a multi-aperture array of lowcost sensors

  • HSI 2016,
  • General

M. Preciado, G. Carles and A. Harvey